Comments from some of those who attended recent workshops:

​'Recommend Andrew's workshop if you're appointed to any contract management role. It provides good understanding of how the contract works.​'

​'For me I found the workshop very informative.

I've been Engineer's Rep for 2 years with no training. I was thrown in the deep end and have been winging it. Now I can make informed decisions.'

'It was good to hear staff quoting relevant clauses around the office after the workshop'.  16/6/16

'I now have a higher level of confidence to deal with questions dealing with the contract'.  14/4/16

'Loved the stories and examples and problem solving exercises – that’s where the real learning is'.

'Great to have time to look through the whole 3910 in detail and understand it all in a general sense'.

'Liked the list of variation entitlements, never seen this before, had no idea'.  30/3/16

'Now I know clearly what I have to take responsibility for'.  24/2/16

'Best topics were valuation of variations and techniques for assessment of extensions of time'.  24/2/16

'Variations and their valuation processes were most interesting and valuable'.  24/2/16

'I’ll be more particular about document control and e-filing'.  8/12/15

'New to the Engineer’s Rep role, found informative, and gives me greater confidence and understanding'.  4/11/15

'Variations and extension of time explanations and subtleties were most informative'.  4/11/15

'Excellent use of a variety of teaching methods'.  7/10/15

'Depth of experience and understanding by the presenter gave passion to the delivery'.  4/9/15

'The exercises of going through short scenarios is very good learning experience'.  4/9/15

​'A tough topic but good to work through it​.'

​'I attended the recent Engineer to the Contract workshop. Although I've had this role on many projects for several years, there were several important learnings for me in what Andrew covered.​'

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