Contractor Workshops

Workshops on the use of NZS 3910*, FIDIC contracts**, NEC3*** suite of contracts and others have been prepared and delivered by Andrew Brickell, CPEng, FIPENZ of Enmore Consulting Ltd. These are offered as staff training events for contractors’ staff, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers and other interested organisations, throughout NZ and the Pacific. Among these are training events for contractors seeking to pursue additional time and money entitlements.

Andrew represented IPENZ and the Association of Consulting Engineers NZ on the Standards NZ committee that produced NZS 3910, 3916 and 3917, is a member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee Task Groups and has more than 50 years of construction project experience in 20 countries.

Workshops offered by Andrew and are available as public events include the following, which run for one or two days. Each includes short talks, discussions, group exercises for problem solving, discussions and a takeaway workbook:

  • Contract Fundamentals for Contractors (2 days) – developed for building contractors, adaptable to engineering contracts – based on NZS 3910 and  NZIA Conditions (SCC),

  • Contractor’s Claims (1 day) – follows on from the above, more advanced and focussed on claims for time and money under contracts like 3910, 3916, FIDIC, NEC3 and NZIA SCC.

The recently developed ‘Contractor’s Claims’ workshop assumes some working knowledge of construction contract business processes. It explores the 13 opportunities for contractors to initiate claims for additional time or money, and provides ideas on the necessary documentation to improve success by demonstrating entitlements. Relevant clauses in contracts, in legislation and in leading cases decided by the courts are summarised. Advice is given on how these entitlements may be justified to an engineer, an architect, a NEC3 project manager or through disputes processes, if initially unsuccessful. The workshop also includes ideas and demonstrations of how standard scheduling software might be used to demonstrate and quantify the impact of disruption and other delays to a contractor’s progress.

Why attend, when and how

Learnings from the claims workshop can help trainees ensure entitlements are robustly demonstrated and easily understood by those receiving them, with the aim of reducing the need for escalation of claims into expensive and time consuming dispute processes. The workshop presenter also spends time disposing of several myths which have revolved around such entitlements.

Trainees learn formalised methods and effective justifications to help convince Principals, employers, engineers and architects of the cause, effect, entitlement and substantiation of claims. Arguments are cited as to why honouring such entitlements may be their best interests too.

For dates of public workshops, how to enrol, or to host them as in-house arrangements, contact:

  • Organisational Development Institute, or telephone Cathy on 03-943 2373, Institute of Public Works Engineering, Australasia: NZ branch or telephone IPWEA NZ’s Events Organiser, Trina, on 021-362 638